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“Kelly is one of the most careful, insightful editors I've ever hired. She's always on time and on budget — and she doesn't miss anything!”

Greg Ioannou, president, Colborne Communications



“Kelly is a wonderful writer, an insightful, effective, and empathetic editor, and a delightful, intelligent, charming human being. She is everything she says she is and more! Hire her!”

Alan C. Middleton, PhD; executive director, Schulich Executive Education Centre (SEEC); and assistant professor of marketing, Schulich School of Business, York University



“Kelly has edited for me a nonfiction manuscript, numerous articles, and one work of fiction. Her assistance on each occasion was rigorous and persuasive. She’s a thoughtful, shrewd, and reliable professional. Kelly is exceptional: technically careful and full of ideas and common sense.”

Les Horswill, author and political analyst



“I had the pleasure of working with Kelly full-time for a number of years and she was always cheerful, willing, reliable, and smart. One couldn't ask for better. More recently I relied on her for a number of freelance projects at Tundra Books. Invariably, I (and the authors) were very pleased with the results. She is thorough and thoughtful and very willing.”

Kathryn Cole, former publisher at Stoddart Kids, and former editorial director at Tundra Books (McClelland & Stewart)



“The thing I enjoy most about working with Kelly, beyond the clean copy and attention to detail, is that she never mails it in, or takes the easy route. Each sentence of every article is well thought out, crafted with care, and punctuated with typical Jones verve.”

Ron Johnson, editor, Post City Magazines



“Our company is in the professional beauty business. Kelly’s writing style presents our products with a fashion flare that characterizes this industry. Her writing is an integral part of our company’s communication strategy.”

Denise Tam, creative department manager, Dannyco Trading (Canada) Ltd.



“Kelly is a consummate professional. Her record and book stand on their own. It's only been a privilege to work with her.”

Malcolm Jolley, executive director at Good Food Media



“What Kelly proposes, she delivers. Her writing is well-researched, clear, and grammatically correct, and she has a knack for relaying information—serious or lighthearted—in a way that is accessible to all kinds of readers. Kelly has written for Lavalife for eight years, and I recommend her without reservation (even though she's a Libra!).”

Kim Hughes, former editor-in-chief, Lavalife Corp.



“Kelly was one of our star contributors on the BabyJourneys blog, which launched in 2007. Many parents could easily relate to her experiences and really enjoyed her stories; her writing style is engaging, genuine, and delightful to read.”

Charlene Lo, group account director, Optimum PR, a division of Cossette



“You are a great editor! I've had to work very hard to answer your queries but I'm pleased with the result. I like the way you've tightened and improved things. Thank you so much for your astute and wise editorial comments. They have been a big help! You have really improved this book.”

Deborah Hodge, author of more than 25 books for children and young adults



"Thank you for your help. Your copyedit is wonderful. It'll improve the book tremendously. I truly appreciate how hard you are working to improve my book. Thank you!"

Eva Wiseman, author of six young adult books



“I received clear, concise, and pertinent help in preparing my novel for publication. Her modifications of my summary and proposal conveyed the storyline much more effectively.”

Joe Belafi, author, The Bottom Line



“Kelly edited my children's book Hey Canada! for Tundra Books, and was a joy to work with. I called her my Queen of Details as she was amazing at keeping track of the myriad drafts, illustrations, photos, and minutiae of a book project. A good editor is a godsend for a writer, and a lousy one is a nightmare. Kelly improved the flow of the manuscript and made intelligent and respectful revisions. I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated our working relationship.”

Vivien Bowers, author of more than 15 books for children and adults

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