You might think that annual reports, catalog listings, and board games have nothing in common. Or that business proposals, website copy, and dating articles are completely different beasts. I beg to differ. Good writing, like all forms of communication, evokes emotion in the reader. The message and medium are but methods.


Although I can't include samples of the writing I have done for corporate clients, I am proud to provide a partial list of the companies I have worked with to reach target audiences.



> BaumgartJenkinson

> Colborne Communications

> Dannyco

> Lavalife (articles were syndicated on,,,, and

> Loblaw Group of Companies

> Oland Specialty Beer Company

> Pampers BabyJourneys

> Persuasion Ink

> Ramsay Writes and Ramsay Inc.

> Romina Tina Fontana Consulting Inc.

> Rycas Publishing

> Securit/Shred-It International

> Schulich Executive Education Centre (SEEC), York University

> Stoddart Publishing

> Thomas Technologies International

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